How To Get Just Compensation For Wrongful Death


Dealing with the death of a loved one is hard. You will feel a range of emotions, including anger and frustration. The latter may be justified if the death was sudden and unexpected. In fact, questions remain as to how the death could have occurred so suddenly.

You put your full faith and confidence in the ability of the physician to help your departed loved one. If you have strong evidence that error on their part led to the death of someone close to you, then you should file suit against them.

When The Unthinkable Happens

A wrongful death suit is not an act of revenge, nor is it a way of expressing your grief; it is a means of proving the truth of what happened and getting just compensation for the malpractice and incompetence of those whom you trusted.

The fact that your loved one underwent treatment should not have put them in danger. In fact, it was reasonable to expect the opposite. However, things did not turn out that way and you must decide how to respond.

Why You Should Hire A Lawyer

Hiring a lawyer such as the ones found at Law Offices of Tony Seaton, PLLC. is the best way to pursue your case. Lawyers specializing in wrongful death suits have the skill and experience necessary to pursue such a case to a just and satisfying end.

At the moment all you have is a claim. The case must still be proven, and it will not be easy to do so. It will be necessary for you to demonstrate that the physician failed to provide your loved one with a minimum standard of care and that their failing caused the death. You will also need to provide a dollar amount for the damages you’re claiming.

An experienced lawyer can help you put this case together. Evidence will need to be gathered, witnesses will need to be interviewed, the testimony of subject-matter experts will need to be introduced, and all of this will need to be linked to particular bits of law. Only a lawyer with specialized knowledge of this area of law is equipped to handle such a case.

Getting The Justice You Deserve

You should not allow yourself to be talked out of filing suit. Nor should you accept a small settlement that aims at nothing more than making your suit go away. If negligence, carelessness, or the desire to cut corners has led to the death of someone you love, then you have every right to know about it. You should get to the bottom of what actually happened and do your utmost to hold all of those involved accountable.

Given the tremendous position of prestige and power held by physicians, the public should be informed when they have failed in their duty. Filing a law suit is not only about getting compensation for the death of your loved one; it is also a means of warning the public about the dangerous deficiencies that may exist in a local hospital.

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