Helpful Guide On The Formation Of An Intellectual Property Plan


Globalization in the recent years has increased competition in almost all sectors. It is because of this reason that intellectual property rights have come to action, in recent years. It enables companies to form a strategic plan for utilizing creation of the mind and granting the owners monopoly over their intellect. This can be in the form of designs, inventions, and discoveries etc.

Every company is working for the growth of its business. Hence, there has to be proper intellectual property plan, which can help you generate smooth flow of profits. IP strategy is basically a way to create a course of plan which can utilize intellectual property in order to enable your company to realize excessive prices, keep lower value than the competitors and expand market shares.

  • Understanding higher prices:

Realization of the inflated costs than your competition is one of the major positive signs of an effective IP strategy. We can take example of any market where goods compete on their performances and features. You can evaluate the variance in cost realization between the totally features branded television with a lower branded one.

It is due to their difference in operations like refresh rate, picture quality and clarity, etc. and in characteristics like web enabled, Bluetooth connectivity, etc. By acquiring patented or copyrighted technologies branded companies are commanding higher cost realization than their competitions.

  • Keeping lower cost:

Another way where IP strategy can be helpful in multiplying the profits of the company is by sustaining lower prices than the competitors. This can be done either by service and production delivery technologies which are safe from any competition due to intellectual property (trade secret, copyright, or patent protected) or you can cut down the cost of the technology.

  • Obtaining market share:

This is one more method where IP strategy can be helpful in multiplying the profits of the company by simply growing and maintain their market share. This is can be done by realizing higher cost through brand value, features and performance.

Developing IP strategy:

  • Observe:

The first step to create an IP strategy is by observing external environment that includes all the information about customer needs, technology surroundings, legal scenario and most important your competitor activities and also internal environment which includes tracking the operations of IP organization to check the outcomes of the actions taken by it.

  • Orient:

Most of the time this step gets neglected which is believed to be one of the important parts of this development. It is the method of orienting the company from all the information observed or received in both the environment. Orienting implies analysis, dissemination of timely and relevant information to those who should know and filtering.

  • Decide:

Now after all the observation of the environment and orientation you can decide your course of plan with a view to IP.


With all the information shared above there is no doubt that every company must have a proper intellectual property strategy which can help them in rising above the competition.

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