Driving Under The Influence (DUI) and Its Punishments



Driving under the influence(DUI) or driving while impaired(DWI) is the crime of operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. It incapacitates the drivers to drive the vehicle safely, hence increasing the risk of road fatalities.

In 2014, 9,967 people were killed in alcohol-impaired driving crashes, accounting for nearly one-third (31%) of all traffic-related deaths in the United States. Every 51 minutes in America, someone is killed in a drunk-driving crash.

With alcohol consumption, a drunk driver’s level of intoxication is typically determined by a measurement of blood alcohol content(BAC) and breath test. Police may also perform Field sobriety test to ascertain the symptoms of drunk-driving like slurred speech, red watery eyes, and the odor of alcohol on your breath and clothes.

In California it is illegal to operate a vehicle with the BAC as follows:

  • 08% or higher― 21 years old or older operating a regular passenger vehicle.
  • 04% or higher―operating a commercial vehicle.
  • 01% or higher―younger than 21 years old.
  • California’s DUI law include medications too. You can’t legally drive if you’ve consumed illegal drugs or:
  • Excessive amounts of drugs with alcohol in them (such as cough syrup).
  • Prescription medication.


A person convicted guilty for the DUI can be penalised as follow:

Convicted For the First Time

Approximately $1800.00 in fines, 90-day restricted license to go to and from work, and or to a Certified 3-month alcohol treatment program, attend a 3-month mandatory California sanctioned alcohol treatment program costing $500.00, driving privileges suspended after 30 days,average total fines, fees, alcohol treatment program, increased auto insurance, and cost of a DUI defense attorney = $7,000.00-$11,000.00.

Convicted For Second Time

10 days in jail, $1,800.00 in fines,18-30 month California State sanctioned alcohol treatment program costing an additional $1,800.00, installation of an interlock device on all vehicles owned by the offender,10 years probation, driving privileges revoked for one year.


Convicted For Third Time


120 days in jail, fines can range from $1,800.00 – to $18,000.00, revocation of driver’s license for 3 years, completion of a 30-month alcohol multi-offender program, drastically increased insurance coverage ranging in the thousands of dollars, If charged as felony: forfeiture of your vehicle indefinitely.


The bail for DUI which does not cause any injury to persons or property ranges from $5,000 to $10,000 which may go up in serious DUI crime.A person arrested for DUI has a few choices to make on how their bail is paid. They can either pay the full amount, or submit property worth that amount, which is turned over to the court until the end of the trial; or they can find a bail bond agency to provide a security bond for their release.









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