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Things To Be Considered Before Purchasing New Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding Doors

Sliding patio doors or sliding glass doors are single unit doors comprising of two sections wherein one section of the door is fixed and the other one is movable. Based on personal taste and preference, these doors can also be customized to include up to three or four panel patio doors. Plus, they can also be manufactured to fit into any standard or custom-sized opening that is up to 12 feet in width. As a matter of fact, these doors are excellent replacements for windows. When shopping for replacement windows, homeowners often consider replacing them with glass patio doors as these contemporary doors coupled with vinyl windows offer excellent insulation.


However, there are certain factors to be taken into consideration when purchasing new sliding patio doors:

Energy Efficiency: Unlike exterior doors, patio doors are not made of steel, wood or aluminum. They are made of glass and vinyl. It’s the insulated glass unit of patio doors that make them energy efficient. They prevent the warm and cool air from escaping your home during the winter and summer seasons, respectively. Since sliding glass patio doors have a greater glass surface area, so they are more energy efficient as compared to vinyl windows. Contemporary patio doors are specifically designed to arrest and retain the warmth from the Sun. So, when buying new sliding patio doors, make sure to check that they have an Energy Star rating. Energy star rated products ensure that your home interiors will be warm and comfortable during the cold climate.

Size: Speaking about the size, sliding patio doors come in many different regular sizes. If you’re replacing your old door with a new one, then the opening should accommodate a standard 5 or 6-foot wide door. But in case you’re thinking of sprucing up your interiors by enlarging an opening from one of your existing windows, then the job will not only disturb the structure of your walls but it’ll also involve significant cost. This is exactly when installing sliding patio doors turn out to be fruitful. Not only does the patio doors “fit in” to your window openings, but they do also add a unique character to your home.

Security: Sliding patio doors works wonderfully well when it comes to providing utmost security to your homes. Keeping in mind the safety and security aspects of homeowners, window and door manufacturers have put in a whole lot of additional security features in patio doors today. There is a kick lock that functions as an additional lock for your patio door. Then there’s a security bar that acts as an extra reinforcement, which makes it almost impossible to open your patio door when the bar is engaged. And finally, the key locks are too good an option in case you’re looking forward to use your sliding patio doors as an entryway.