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The Two Most Common Serious Injuries in an Auto Accident

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Automobile accidents are a leading cause of death and injury in America. As the number of autos on the road continues to climb with over 253 million currently out there, the numbers of auto accident victims will remain high. This is in spite of advances in auto safety that have been significant over the past two decades and stricter enforcement of drunk driving and speeding laws.

The reason is simple, autos are heavy, fast moving, and complicated machines that sometimes break or are not taken seriously enough by the people driving them. Speaking of us humans, we are fragile pieces of flesh with no outer protective covering to save us from hard impacts or hard objects coming at us at high speed. When you combine these factors, it is easy to see why there are so many automobile casualties and why the numbers will remain substantial.

Right along with the high number of auto casualties there has been a correspondingly high number of legal cases brought in auto accident cases. These cases are so common in fact, that reputable personal injury law firms like West Virginia based Mani Ellis & Lane PLC are always handling dozens of auto injury cases.

The truth is that there is usually someone legally at fault in an auto accident and that person should be held liable for the injuries and suffering of the victims. Injuries range from physical to emotional and can be slight or devastating, becoming visible at the time of the crash or sometimes later. Here is a look at the two most common areas people injure in an auto accident.

Spine Injuries

The spine is our most important set of bones, offering a rigid ladder-like structure that supports us in walking, sitting up, as brace for the ribs which shield our internal organs, and perhaps most importantly as protection for our central nervous system which delivers nerves and feeling throughout our bodies. A serious spine injury can cause paralysis and loss of some or nearly all function of muscles and some organs in the body. In a crash, where there is usually either a violent stop, or impact, or both, the spine is prone to be jerked violently and or twisted unnaturally resulting in some degree of temporary or permanent injury. The lower back is the usual area where an injury occurs and everything from sprains to injured vertebrae are common.

Neck Injuries

At the top of the spine sits a set of bones that forms the neck which is the areas that connects the body to the skull. This delicate set of bones is particularly vulnerable in a car crash because it has no natural support against the jerking, abrupt stops and common rear-ending in a car crash. Common injuries are whiplash and compression or dislocation injuries to the vertebrae of the neck. These vertebrae injuries tend to be long-lasting and requiring of a long rehabilitation process.

Injuries of the neck and spine are sometimes hard to accurately diagnose and as a result one needs to be overly cautious when seeking a diagnoses. As mentioned sometimes symptoms get worse over time and what was thought to be a simple case of whiplash or a sore back turns out to be something much more serious. So be sure to get a thorough check-up after any car accident and if you feel pain even weeks after the accident go and see your doctor and call a good auto injury lawyer.