Your ultimate guide to child custody and divorce – Educate yourself

Reports reveal that more than 25 million American children live in a single-parent family and in case you’re someone who is going through a divorce and you have children who are younger than 18, child custody can indeed be a contentious issue. It is vital for you to realize that you’re not alone and that there are many professionals who can guide you through such a tender and emotional issue. As you see that the proceedings of child custody are complicated, we hereby enlist a few points and facts on divorce and child custody. Read on to know more on it.

Child custody arrangements – The types

Child custody might mean where your children will reside post divorce (physical custody) and who will be given the legal right to make the main decisions for upbringing her/him (legal custody). Parents are allowed to jointly share this responsibility and it may even happen that one parent gets all the right solely. Here are some key terms which will help you better understand child custody.

  • Physical custody

Physical custody is the legal right to have your children live with you post divorce. Both the parents may share this responsibility through a joint custody arrangement and it may even be granted to one parent in sole physical custody arrangement.

  • Joint physical custody

Courts usually prefer awarding joint physical custody in order to guarantee the fact that the children can be in touch with both parents. As per what eminent lawyer Benedict Morelli has to say, there are some states where this is a default law and the law may even demand an unwilling parent to prove why they don’t want their children to spend time with both parents. When you get joint physical custody, you have to share spending time with children. It need not be a 50-50 split but in cases where the parents aren’t able to reach up to an agreement, the schedule is imposed by the courts.

  • Legal custody

Legal custody is your basic right to make decisions regarding the upbringing of your child like medical care, education and all other religious instructions. This is similar to physical custody but legal custody can be shared jointly between both parents or vested in one parent. Usually, in majority of the cases, both parents start having joint legal custody post divorce and this means they enjoy equal right to make decisions regarding raising their child.

  • Third party custody or guardianship

There are some rare situations when family friends or relatives might seek custody and as per law, this is called third-party custody, non-parental custody and guardianship. In this case, the court performs a background check of the petitioner, carries on home inspections, arranges interview sessions and then makes the decision whether the place is the best interest for the child.

Therefore, in case you wish to give advice to a couple who is about to split, you should first know the terms associated with child custody. Seek help of a child custody lawyer to alleviate the stress of the process.

Why You Need To Hire An Attorney If Hurt At Work

Getting hurt on the job can interrupt your lifestyle in an instant. Whether you have been severely injured and are simply no longer able to work or if you have also experienced emotional distress, our attorneys specialize in getting you the workers compensation you deserve regardless of your case circumstances.


Benefits of Hiring an Attorney 

When you are seeking Iowa Workers compensation, hiring an attorney is highly advisable to get the most out of your case without having to understand the complete legal jargon involved while protecting your rights and ensuring they are enforced, regardless of the severity of your case and the incident you have encountered while working on the job.

Areas Covered When Working With Our Attorneys

Our attorneys understand the devastating effects a work-related injury can cause in everyday life. In addition to physical distress, many individuals experience emotional stress that weighs on them due to financial strain and the inability to no longer work. We work with cases ranging from on-the-job injuries to obtaining Social Security Disability for those who are eligible.

Our attorneys have worked on cases involving automobile, motorcycle, and truck accidents alongside incidents that occur while workers are on the job and injured (regardless of severity). We understand the strain accidents cause on the body both mentally and physically and work with various judges to get you the compensation you deserve, even if you may have the ability to return to work in the future once you have healed and have fully recovered. If you are also seeking Social Security Disability due to the accident you have been involved with, we will work with your entire case and inflictions you have obtained during your accident to improve your odds and expedite the process to get your benefits approved with ease.

Cutting through the bureaucracy of the legalities involved with a workers compensation case is necessary if you are looking to speed up the process to get the money you deserve to recover and heal without completing all of the legwork yourself. We work with various judges and lawyers throughout the state of Iowa to greatly improve the odds of your case working out in your favor.

Having an attorney on your side is essential when working towards obtaining Social Security Disability or resolving a workers compensation case to ensure all areas of your case are covered thoroughly. Our attorneys work hard from start to finish alongside our clients to work for you at all times.


Things To Be Considered Before Purchasing New Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors or sliding glass doors are single unit doors comprising of two sections wherein one section of the door is fixed and the other one is movable. Based on personal taste and preference, these doors can also be customized to include up to three or four panel patio doors. Plus, they can also be manufactured to fit into any standard or custom-sized opening that is up to 12 feet in width. As a matter of fact, these doors are excellent replacements for windows. When shopping for replacement windows, homeowners often consider replacing them with glass patio doors as these contemporary doors coupled with vinyl windows offer excellent insulation.


However, there are certain factors to be taken into consideration when purchasing new sliding patio doors:

Energy Efficiency: Unlike exterior doors, patio doors are not made of steel, wood or aluminum. They are made of glass and vinyl. It’s the insulated glass unit of patio doors that make them energy efficient. They prevent the warm and cool air from escaping your home during the winter and summer seasons, respectively. Since sliding glass patio doors have a greater glass surface area, so they are more energy efficient as compared to vinyl windows. Contemporary patio doors are specifically designed to arrest and retain the warmth from the Sun. So, when buying new sliding patio doors, make sure to check that they have an Energy Star rating. Energy star rated products ensure that your home interiors will be warm and comfortable during the cold climate.

Size: Speaking about the size, sliding patio doors come in many different regular sizes. If you’re replacing your old door with a new one, then the opening should accommodate a standard 5 or 6-foot wide door. But in case you’re thinking of sprucing up your interiors by enlarging an opening from one of your existing windows, then the job will not only disturb the structure of your walls but it’ll also involve significant cost. This is exactly when installing sliding patio doors turn out to be fruitful. Not only does the patio doors “fit in” to your window openings, but they do also add a unique character to your home.

Security: Sliding patio doors works wonderfully well when it comes to providing utmost security to your homes. Keeping in mind the safety and security aspects of homeowners, window and door manufacturers have put in a whole lot of additional security features in patio doors today. There is a kick lock that functions as an additional lock for your patio door. Then there’s a security bar that acts as an extra reinforcement, which makes it almost impossible to open your patio door when the bar is engaged. And finally, the key locks are too good an option in case you’re looking forward to use your sliding patio doors as an entryway.

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Advantages of Jeremy diamond lawyers

A victim of any accident goes through hard times. Both mentally and physically they undergo stressful times which make them lose any valuable things in life sometimes permanent disabilities or temporary ones. Whatever may be the loss, it is important to get compensation from the person who committed the crime. To fight back against these it is important that you approach a lawyer who will guide you the best in legal manner and  help you travel through all the court procedures and at the same time get your claims very sooner. Any professional lawyer for that reason will give you proper advice and legal support no matter how hard and impossible your case may sound like.

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How Should You Choose The Best Lawyer?

Choosing the best personal injury lawyer may be a little tough decision. You need to first of all understand who has been doing a really good job in the industry for years. Approach them. This is because they will give you the best guidance ever and treat your case as most important and urgent. They will make sure to get your claims that were unsettled for years together and speed up your process. Ask for friends and relatives who have had similar problems. Maybe they will help you out in finding the best personal injury lawyer in and around your locality. Another best way is to look at review sites where people from across the world share their experiences on picking the best lawyer or suggest someone apt as per your requirements.

Approach Them in Just Clicks to Get Your Claims

Today, everything has become online. Everything has come to a point where you don’t have to go in person elsewhere even if you are filing a case against someone. The Diamond and Diamond Lawyers is one of the award winning personal injury lawyers who have successfully worked on various cases and fetched compensations for victims of accidents, slip and falls etc. Be it any type of injury, you deserve the maximum claim for your condition. The online law firm will ease your process. Their official website is the interface through which you connect with the personal injury lawyers. You can give out all the details asked by the lawyer and submit the documents. Once the initial process is over, your case will be filed and all that is needed for getting quick claims will be done by the law firm.

Trust Their Services Completely For Legal Advices

There are several law firms who have successfully delivered best results for car accident victims. They have all got their unsettled claims within few weeks of filing their case. This is because of their dedicated service and sincere practice towards approaching the case and they make sure each case is important to them as well as their client. They attend to each case with honesty, dedication and attentively listen to the grievances of their victims which drive them towards winning the case and get the maximum claim they deserve.

Qualities of a good injury law firm

Qualities of a good injury law firm

Road accidents are a major cause of death in the world. Millions of people die and get injured in road accidents every year. Some of these injuries are fatal and some are non-fatal. Unfortunately, most of these accidents happen due to the negligence and fault of someone else. You have to pay the price of the damage caused by someone else. Sometimes people pay compensation for their mistakes and most of the time they refuse to pay any money to the affected party.

Even the most credible and well known insurance companies fail to pay the sufficient amount of money for the compensation of losses in the accidents. The affected person not only have to deal with physical injuries but emotional injuries as well. You have to deal with physical injuries, emotional injuries, medical bills and other bills as well while you are unable to get out of your bed. This is toughest situation for the affected person and he loses hope and gets depressed.

If you are facing such issues then the best option is to hire an auto accident injury lawyer. Auto accident injury lawyers have years of experience in dealing with these kind of cases. They help you to get the compensation for your damages. They know all the legal processes involved in these kinds of scenarios and how to deal with them. Auto injury lawyers can also settle the issues with the insurance company and force them to pay sufficient amount of money to cover your losses.

The focus of insurance companies in these cases is to minimize the amount of claim money as much as they can. An experienced auto injury law firm or lawyer knows your case better than you as they are experts in the tort law which deals with the injuries and damages caused by the negligence of other people. The auto injury lawyers discuss the whole scenario with you and talks to you about all the possible outcomes of the case. They can collect evidence, reconstruct the accident scene, take pictures of scene, analyze your medical reports and do everything necessary which can help you get your settlement. They can speak with your insurance company on your behalf and talk them into paying a handsome amount of money to compensate for your losses.

Before hiring an auto injury law firm or lawyer, always research about their background. Check their track record and rate of success in this field. If you want to fight the case without any lawyer it is the biggest mistake you will ever made. There are many chances that you will not only lose the case but will also end up losing money you have spent during the case. Not to mention the medical bills, pain and suffering you get through during this whole trouble.

If you need services of an auto accident injury law firm in Brooklyn, New York, then you should choose Boyko and Associate law firm. Boyko law firm has several years of experience in the personal injury law and have helped hundreds of people with these kind of cases.  You can read more about Boyko and Associates law firm here.

Getting Compensation For Personal Injury

Recovering your strength and health after the accident has not been easy. However, you have done so and are now seeking to take the next step. If your primary worry is making up for loss income and figuring out how to pay the bills, then you should think about suing the person who caused the accident.

Any accident that is caused by negligence, carelessness, or recklessness gives the harmed parties standing for the recovery of damages. But you must first prove that the other person drove in a dangerous and irresponsible way. Working with a lawyer can help you prove such a case.

It is important to make reckless drivers pay for the damage they’ve done. The consequences of an accident go well beyond the physical pain and discomfort you’ve suffered. The accident can affect the emotional well-being of your loved ones. It can also cause a great many financial difficulties in years to come.

Seeking compensation an accident that wasn’t your fault is a perfectly legitimate pursuit. Working with a lawyer can help you do is in a more efficient and effective manner.

Rest, Recuperate, And Seek Justice

As you do what is necessary to recover your health, you should also look at your legal options. The person who threw you into this most unfortunate set of circumstances ought to be held accountable. The law gives you the means to get compensation for all that you have gone through.

The fact that you cannot pay your bills is not your fault. It is a consequence of one moment’s inattention on the part of another. The inevitable bad credit rating that you will receive because of late bills and even defaults will make things even harder for you and your family. Getting your finances and your life back on track should start with a reckoning. It should begin with a law suit, which is the best means of seeking justice for the grave emotional, physical, and financial injuries you’ve been forced to endure.

It is your right to seek damages from someone who has put you in a very bad state. You should exercise this right as a means of protecting your family and saving your future.

The Role Of A Personal Injury Attorney

Lawyers such as the ones found at Strom and Associates specialize in taking on those who have caused you great suffering and inconvenience. Such persons must be made to pay for their failure to follow the rules. Personal injury attorneys are trained to gather the evidence needed to demonstrate how and why the person who hit you is ultimately responsible for all that has happened to you since the accident, and that they ought to therefore pay you money for it.

The case is likely to be settled out of court. However, you want to ensure that the attorney you work with is up to the task of maximizing the settlement you receive. This is all part of trying to put your life back together.


Filing A Law Suit Will Make Things Better

Carelessness white driving a motor vehicle is a serious hazard. When it leads to an accident, the person responsible can be sued for damages.

If you have been in an accident, then you should of course focus on recovering your health. However, you must also think about how you will pay your bills and makeup for the loss of income. Working with a lawyer can provide you with a path forward.

People who are negligent and reckless should be compelled to face the consequences of their actions. Pursuing a cash settlement is a perfectly legitimate way of making them do so.

As you slowly make your way back to health, the next challenge awaits: getting your finances in order. Working with a lawyer can help you devise a strategy that can result in the kind of compensation that will help ease the burden.

The injuries you sustained are not your fault, nor are the bills you’ve incurred and the shortage of money you’re dealing with. It is your right to hold the person who has caused all of these problems to account.

Using The Law To Get Compensation

The accident was not the result of random circumstances. There is a specific person at fault. Hiring a personal injury lawyer will help you prove that. Lawyers have the training and experience to gather the evidence needed to reconstruct the events that led up to the crash and make a case for why the driver who hit you was negligent and careless.

The kind of lawyers found at specialize in personal injury cases. They know what it takes to make the guilty party settle a civil suit and pay money for the damage they’ve caused. Most such suits never go to trial. But if yours does end up in court you should be comforted by the fact that your lawyer has the knowledge, skill, and experience to get an outcome favorable to your position.

Law Suits Are About Justice, Not Revenge

You are not a vindictive or vengeful person. You have never gone out of your way to make another person’s life unpleasant. However, you find yourself in very trying circumstances; and you know that if the person driving the car had only paid attention you would not be where you are today. They must be held accountable. There is no reason why you and your family should continue to suffer because someone else could not be bothered to drive in a safe and conscientious way.

Working with a personal injury lawyer will help you get what is fair. You need someone to formulate and deliver the legal argument as to why you deserve to get the money you’re asking for. The accident put the future you have strived to build for your family in jeopardy. There is no easy way to get it back on track. However, you should start with getting paid for the injuries you’ve suffered. The money will make things better.

Types of Medical Malpractice

Most medical malpractice cases can be classified into the following major categories:

  • Negligence that affects pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Mistakes in prescription and administering of medication.
  • Surgical errors.

Here’s a detailed look at each of the types of medical malpractice.


Studies have established misdiagnosing of a health condition is one of the leading types of physician error. The top five diseases which are quite often misdiagnosed diseases or conditions include infections, tumors, blood clot especially in the lung, heart attack, and heart disease. Misdiagnoses usually occur in these complex conditions because patients are often not informed about them because of lack of textbooks list about their symptoms. The consequences of misdiagnoses of these conditions are usually life threatening and in some cases even fatal due to the fact that the physician might be treating something else.

Negligence that affects pregnancy and childbirth

There could be injuries that can be caused as a result of medical malpractice to the fetus during pregnancy or to a child during the birth process. Some injuries of this nature can be so serious such injuries to the brain, bone fracture, partial or full paralysis. These could also be as a result of natural causes but if it is established that the doctor failed in his duty to treat the condition that caused the complication then it can be said that medical malpractice occurred.

Mistakes in prescription and administering of medication

Errors involving medications are one of the most common forms of medical malpractice and usually occur in many different ways. A doctor for instance might make a mistake in his initial prescription and proceed to administer the drug wrongly. In the hospital for example you might find that an injury might befall a patient who has been given a wrong medication that was meant for another patient. On overall however the most medication errors usually occur due improper dosage.

Surgical errors

You will find surgeons occasionally making mistakes in the surgical room, making negligent errors during surgery e.g. injuring an organ, or operating on the wrong body part or even forgetting surgical items inside the body of the patient. Nurses have also been blamed for negligence in providing postoperative care something that may lead the patient suffering extensively as a result.

The best thing to do if you feel either you or a relative suffered as a result of medical malpractice is simply look for a medical malpractice lawyers to assist you. hunter shkolnik is also a lawyer.


Importance of hiring an attorney to file for your divorce

Divorce has become a common event in the lives of many people. Although there are many cultural reasons for this huge change in the marriage patterns and life of people, a lot of these divorces happen with mutual consent. As a result one can understand that modern notion of marriage has differed a lot from what the archaic and traditional meaning of the marriage. If you are undergoing one such process in the great city of San Antonio, then it is pertinent that you get the best legal services and help from the divorce attorneys in San Antonio. A divorce attorney is one who has an ample of experience in fighting the cases of many couples.

Employing or availing the services of experienced professionals become very important as the marriage and family laws have become more and more complex. Even when the divorce happens with mutual consent, many problems like the quanta of alimony money and splitting of the properties that have been bought by the couples can become a quagmire. As a result, the role of the divorce attorneys becomes more and more relevant in the day. It is better to reach to a settlement in these cases out of the court, rather than going to the court. The simple reason is that, the legal battles are neither quick nor in the interests of the couples. Even if an agreement can be made out of the court, a legal separation in the form of divorce is necessary for remarriage or for the sake of legal correctness. So, the court proceedings are necessary in this case. Ordinary people, who are not well-versed with the law, will find it difficult to understand the legal terms and processes and hence one needs to get the support of these attorneys.

The steps that you need to take before choosing the attorney

When choosing an attorney to represent you, always make sure that they are experienced and used to the courts in which the hearing of your case is going to be held. It will help the lawyers to know about the local practices. Although United States of America is one country, the laws in different states might vary in between them. So always get an attorney who practices the law at a court in the state. There might be some difference in the technicalities of the laws which can become a roadblock in fighting the cases.

Moreover, check the background of the law firm, in which they are part of. A law firm with more experience in similar cases will have more resources to fight for your case. This will become handy when your lawyer gets sick. Even if the one who is representing you is sick or somewhere else, they will be able to appoint an alternate one to defend your case. However, it is to be noted that the best law firms will make sure that you get the dedicated attention from the lawyers who are representing you. If you can follow these simple steps before choosing the attorney for your divorce case, then you need not worry about other variables.


New York Experienced Injury lawyer

Consider this scenario. You are window shopping in New York, when a nearby shop door opens and someone carrying a crate bumps into you. The crate drops on your feet causing you harm. This type of injury which harms you, causes you pain, and occurs due to negligence of others, is liable. You now have a case of personal injury in New York City (NYC).In other words, you need a New York injury lawyer to help you sue the person who harmed you, as per the personal injury law in NYC.

At ‘The Rothenberg Law Firm LLP’, we take care of your personal injury claims from across NYC. We will ensure that you get adequately compensated for your injuries. Our New York Injury lawyer are experts at getting you damages and settling claims.

****Remember, your initial consultation is always FREE!

****We do not charge unless we successfully recover money for you. We don’t take till you get!

Let’s understand in detail what a personal injury claim is about.

What is a personal injury?

Personal injury is a legal term for an injury to the body, mind or emotions, of a person.

Personal injury occurs when there are,

  1. Accidents leading to a form of injury.
  2. Domestic crimes; abuse; battery or any form of violence leading to grievous injuries.
  3. Slips or Falls
  4. Medical malpractice.
  5. Defamation

A personal injury claim is settled under the Personal Injury Law, also known as the ‘Torts’ law.

Personal Injury Law (Torts law)

A‘tort’ is a term used when a person has been wronged; hurt, or injured due to another’s negligence, intentionally or otherwise.

The torts law allows a person to make a financial claim, as per the injury committed. The wronged or aggrieved party can go the court with his or her case. The court would then proceed to settle the claim, as per the personal injury law.

Depending upon the nature of the injury, you can file either a civil suit or a criminal suit. If the injury is due to criminal negligence on the part of the accused, it can be tried in a criminal court. While other injury claims may be related to damages, which are settled in a civil court.

Settlement of cases

Prior to going to court, both the parties can settle the case. The lawyers conduct settlement meetings which usually result in monetary settlements. If they fail to settle, then you can proceed to the court with the case.

If you or loved one is injured in NYC (New York City – inclusive of Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx, and Staten Island), then contact our lawyers, at The Rothenberg Law Firm LLP, immediately. With over 40 years of experience, our team is the best when it comes to settling or fighting personal injury cases, small or big.

  • Call our personal injury lawyers at The Rothenberg Law Firm LLPat 1-888-997-4318.
  • Or, you can login online at for free online case evaluation.

Don’t delay else you may cross the expiration date to file a case, as per the Statute of Limitations. Get in touch right away!